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The Quarter Life Crusade

Quarter-life crisis. Is that even a thing?

If you’ve ever conversed with a post-college, freshly functioning member of society, you’ve surely heard of it.

After graduating college, I went through mind-tangling stages not uncommon of many post-grads:

  1. Move back home and make it known that you despise every minute of it because you claim you’re independent (when really, you still secretly enjoy not having to cook or pay rent). Shh don’t tell my Mom.
  2. Get a few dumb filler jobs, like waitressing…which is awesome for the pocket change, but terrible for your brain cells.
  3. Feel like your brain is going to explode because you’re trying to figure out if what you’re passionate about can actually be a legitimate career choice.
  4. Try to decide whether you want to go back to school (deciding what for is a whole different monster) or just settle for something in the real world.
  5. Actually settle in the real world. 
  6. Spend the first few months internally fuming because you swore to yourself you’d never work in a gray cubicle.
  7. Move out of your parents house. Feel a little better about your gray cubicle because you’re finally “independent.”
  8. Eventually realize the job your in is okay after all, because you’ve gained some really cool colleagues who turned into great friends, and realize your company will allow you to travel in the future.
  9. All of a sudden it IS the future and you’ve been working for the same company for 2 years and you don’t know where the time went.
  10. 25 happens. And you panic because you still don’t really know what you want to do with your life.

I realize I just referred to myself in the second person (weird), but I think this may be a common pathway for more than just myself.

When 25 happened for me, the travel bug had bitten.  A few months prior, I went to the UK for a work conference and saved up all of my vacation days to extend my stay, taking on 4 days in London and 5 days in Scotland. El solo. I had never travelled alone before, let alone in another country. I immediately regretted not studying abroad and came to this conclusion about the trip:

It was life-changing. And it led to my so called “quarter-life crisis” claim…

I became terrified that if I don’t travel now, if I don’t move out of my hometown now, if I don’t experience different cultures now-I never will. This thought paralyzed me. But it also drove me to one of the strongest desires I’ve ever had in my life.

Move to London.

I am forever grateful, lucky , and humbled that I work for a global company that allows and encourages cultural experiences (as long as you put in the work to make it happen). I came up with a solid business value, got approval from the upper management, worked my ass off to get everything set up….and 6 months later, here I am!

Central London. Working out of my company’s downtown office for 3 months, living in a flat that it’s an extremely central location, and gaining incredible life and business-oriented experiences I couldn’t have even thought up before I came here.

I took my “Quarter-Life Crisis” and turned it into a “Quarter-Life Crusade”.

And it’s an accomplishment I’m extremely proud of because, if you know me–you’ll know that I tend to dream a little too big, start things and never finish them, and claim to have too many passions for one’s own good.

So here’s to the next 4 years of my life…crusading through the dark side of my twenties!



5 thoughts on “The Quarter Life Crusade

  1. Bloody brilliant! Of course, living with Quarter Life Crusade girl and listening all the hair-brained schemes especially during the last four years has been “interesting”. But Mom and Dad will always be here as a sounding board = voice of reason. Couldn’t be prouder!

    1. Haha..you’ve been the ones to hear the most of them!! The ones to say, no–you can’t quit your job and go work as a hot air balloon operator in Scandinavia. But you never know what my next venture will be…..muahaha.

  2. You will find that the choice you made is both courageous and brave! You have a great support system behind you, Mom and Dad. They will always be there!! Congrats on a wonderful adventure and enjoy every.minute you at there.

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