Quarter Life Crusader

Travels, musings, passions and hilarities of a 25 year old single girl.

My BIG Dreams

They say little girls with dreams become women with big vision. But women without dreams begin to lose vision. So here’s a list of my growing dreams AND growing vision.

As the map of my life grows brighter below, my list will continue to grow longer.

Danielle’s Travel Map

Danielle has been to: Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom, United States.
Get your own travel map from Matador Network.

The BIG List

Go hang gliding
Rock climb the face of a mountain
Swim with dolphins
Go on a road trip with no destination
Go skiing and snowboarding
Create a charity foundation or program
Take a homeless woman out to lunch
Stomp grapes in the vineyards of Italy
See the pyramids of Egypt
Go on a cruise
Learn to play the piano well
Do a keg stand
Have a real grown-up picnic in a glorious park or field
See the northern lights (aurora borealis)
Fall in love
Fly a plane
Ride in a helicopter
Publish a book
See Mount Rushmore
Hike Yellowstone National Park
Marry the man of my dreams and start a family together
Sleep under the stars on a cool summer night with nothing but a blanket underneath me
Go skinny dipping
Learn how to sail a boat
Go to Nashville, TN
Attend the CMT MusicFest
Sell something that I photographed or handmade
Open my own coffee shop
Read every book that a world renowned author wrote (example, Hemingway or Steinbeck)
Be the star of a commercial
Make an appearance in a tv show or movie
See Australia and New Zealand
Go camping in the woods, with a tent and make a fire
Catch a big fish
Finish reading the Harry Potter series
Road trip across the U.S. in an RV
Sing the National Anthem for a sporting event
Drive a Mac truck
Ride a donkey into the Grand Canyon
Buy rollerblades and rollerblade everywhere for at least one day
Break out dancing in the middle of a crowd and get strangers to joi
Get drunk with my mom and dad
Destroy a car with a baseball bat
Etch my name into the bark of a tree
Explore an abandoned building
Own a boat
Own a house next to or near the ocean
Ride a horse while he’s running full speed
Sing karaoke (not as a joke)
Go skydiving
Visit Stonehenge
Live in another country

Go see a movie alone
Eat dinner out alone
Go to macho picchu
Work on a sheep farm
Go to Eurovision
Sleep in a tree house
Go on an African safari
Work on an elephant rescue camp in Thailand

I hope to one day find something I can create that will connect my passions and the passions of others, but right now I’m searching, searching, searching for how to leave a mark on this world.


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