My holidays were spent drastically different from anything I’ve ever done or imagined myself ever doing. Traveling to 5 different countries with 40 strangers (that quickly became friends) on a coach bus over the holidays made me realize a few things about life, people, travel, and myself. But mostly…what’s important, who’s important, and how to achieve what I deem important.

And I think the best–and shortest–way to sum it up is in a single word.


I realized that wherever you are in the world, you can wake up and say…

Live now.
Speak your mind now.
Go explore now.
Challenge yourself now.
Call the people you love now.
Chase your dream now.
Work hard now.
Take a step towards achieving a goal now.
Forget your fears now.

The possibilities before the word NOW are endless. Whatever it is that you love, that inspires you, that fills you up with warmth and passion…do it now. Don’t put it off because as they say in this video: life is too short to play it safe.

So here’s to 365 days of not holding back. Of going for it when the moment is right. Of living, loving, and achieving more than what I think may ever be possible.


Stay tuned for more about my musings through Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, and Poland…