Everyone loves being taken care of when they’re sick.

I’m not one to seek pity, or moan and groan about how awful I feel. In fact, I normally reject any assistance and downplay whatever I’m feeling. There could be a bone sticking out of my foot, and I’ll say “No I’m fine,” and try to walk it off (all jokes aside, that ‘s not far from a true story…).

Feeling sick in a different country, with roommates you don’t really know and your family not at your side to bring you soup and crackers is…well, it’s kind of lame.

And to just add salt to the wound, I have no TV. Which is fine. I don’t need a TV really. But when you’re sick and you’re eyes are too tired to read, ALL YOU WANT TO DO is watch 3 really bad lifetime movies in a row.

What else is there to do? Stare at blank walls? Oh.
*Cue feeling like you’re in a mental hospital.

View from my bed
View from my bed

So what did I do? I just illegally streamed the first 3 X-Men movies. Oops.

Anyway, I finally decided to open a package that’s been sitting in my room for 4 days. I knew what it was, so I didn’t open it for 2 reasons.

One—I was feeling sick.
Two—I knew that if I opened it I would get so excited to play with my new toy that sleep would be almost nonexistent.

It was my first big girl camera. Nikon D3300—their newest DSLR model. I’ve been getting into photography because of my love for Instagram (more about that later).

When I opened the package, rainbows and unicorns endlessly streamed out of it like spring rain showers. I mean…not really. But it pretty much sums up the excitement I felt when taking out everything that was in the box.

Since Amazon wouldn’t ship to the UK, I sent it to my family in the US first, who “rearranged” the package.

And the result came with 12 of the best goodies I have ever received:

  1. Warm hiking socks – NEVER underestimate the power of gifting socks
  2. Eclat Truffles – My all time favorite fine chocolate store back home
  3. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Bark – DROOLING
  4. Christmas window cling decorations – I’m finally festive!
  5. A light up snowman decoration
  6. A Nutcracker Advent Calendar – To get into the Christmas spirit every day
  7. Rock’n Around the Christmas Tree Invisible Ink Picture and Game Book – If anyone knows what I’m talking about, you’ll know that this was one of the coolest coloring books you could get from A.C. Moore when you’re 6. And it’s still kind of fun.
  8. A smiling Bee hand puppet named Scout – My new travel companion
  9. The latest Ursinus College magazine – To keep up with my alumnus
  10. A card that says “You are my sunshine to the square inch!”
  11. 20 Quid – Nothing says YAY like straight up cash (yes, they call cash-“quid”)
  12. My new DSLR camera with all the bells and whistles