Everybody’s done it…

Gone into a store with the intention of getting one thing and walked out with something completely different. And it ends up being something you didn’t even realize you needed, or even wanted for that matter. It’s like some invisible force grabs ahold of your wallet and pulls you to buy something else…just because.

Ahhh, I NEED these. I cannot live another minute of my life without them.

Well, that is apparently what I told myself tonight when I walked into the mall with full intentions of buying a pair of trendy new sneakers and walked out with 5 (count em), FIVE new pairs of high heels.

WHAT?! Who am I? I’ve never been the kind to just buy an obnoxious amount of clothing or shoes. In fact, I usually avoid it.

My mistake began with walking into Payless looking for sneakers. Who looks for quality sneakers in Payless? Apparently me. Bad idea. All they had were these cheap looking slip-on Champions that only sometimes had shoelaces. Disappointed in my sneaker failure, my eyes wandered to the other shoes. It began with a pair of plain nude heels. And I figured—hey, why not try them on? Well…have you ever felt that exhilarating sensation of relief and excitement when a shoe fits perfectly?

Well, that happened. FIVE TIMES.



This NEVER happens! How can a girl find 5 shoes that fit perfectly in just 30 minutes?

I look at all of the boxes that I had sitting on the bench and started laughing out loud. The employee (who probably thought I was clinically insane at this point), offered to help me carry them to the front. I just continued to laugh and said, “Yes, that would be awesome. What the hell am I doing?”

If I tried to carry them to the front myself, I’d look like Gus-Gus trying to carry all that corn in Cinderella.


So now you are probably thinking, “Good Lord, how much money did this girl spend??” Well here’s the catch…

UNDER $100! 5 pairs of heels cost me just $81.

Thank you Payless sales. Now do you feel my relief and excitement when every pair fit?! Granted, they are probably not the best quality, but they will last at least a couple years.

Maybe my intentions are playing with me this week, as I had initially set out to make a homemade clock for my room.  Oh well.  Although I didn’t necessarily learn a new skill this week, I learned that I am capable of purchasing 5 pairs of shoes—in under 30 minutes—for under $100. That counts right?

There should be a trendy reality show, in the same style of Supermarket Sweep (remember that?!), where people have to find the cheapest shoes that fit perfectly in under 15 minutes. GO!

I win this round.