Doing this well could either land me in jail or save my life if I was ever kidnapped. It could also potentially save me some money if I lose something…

…particularly a set of keys.

You could call this an artistic skill that requires dexterous hands and a little bit of patience.

Lock picking!

Why the hell would I try to learn how to pick a lock? No, I’m not trying to be a criminal.  I just happened to stumble across this video on (great place to get step by step instructions on ANYTHING you want to learn quickly).  It’s a very useful skill if I could actually do it. I never said I had to master everything I try. 52 new things IS a lot of things to be good at.

So moral of this week’s story: I am horrible at lock picking.

However, I did study this instructional video. So if I actually were in a situation where I needed to break a lock and I didn’t have an explosive item or hammer at my disposal, I just might be able to escape if I tried hard enough.

Maybe I should just blame it on external circumstances. The bobby pins were too big. The lock was too small. It was too cold in the house…

But I have to admit, I really enjoyed watching the video.  We use keys on a daily basis. The small, detailed process of how the key actually opens a door is not something we think about everyday. So if you get a chance…whether you want to learn how to pick a lock or not, watch the video and it may make you appreciate the little inner workings of one of life’s everyday items!