Balloons. Beards. Broken light bulbs.

Plaid. Taxidermy. Ping pong balls.

Arrows. Beers. Bows.

Sounds like some weird gypsy circus in the middle of a small boonie town, huh? Close.  Try a sportsmen’s club on a Thursday night in Wagontown, Pennsylvania that hasn’t changed their décor since they opened in 1957.

I have to confess.  I may have cheated on this one a little bit.

Thanks to my high school gym class, I’ve done archery before.  My friend’s mom was a U.S. Olympic Archery Coach, which may have been the reason we did it. But, come on. Does anybody take anything in gym class seriously anyway?  Ok so I did really get into handball.  But I inevitably had the tendency to get run over and ignored by the jocks that thought they were athletically better than every girl in the school. Whatever, dudes. 

Bet I look cooler than you now…

photo 1

But all is not lost, because I can say the whole experience in itself was a new one.  This was my first time:

…in a sportsmen’s club filled with deer heads and turkey trophies

…using a handmade wooden bow that made me feel like Robin Hood

 …knocking a floating ping pong ball out of thin air with an arrow from 20 feet away

Not only did we get some sweet tips from the old bearded pros and our friends that took us there, but we got some free beer too!  Old Milwaukee, that was hopefully not from the 1960’s like the paint on the walls.

photo 2-2

I do have to say the coolest thing was trying 2 completely different Olympic sports in one week. From the extremely physical to the exceptionally strategic. If you were to do them back to back as they do in double events, you’d have to switch not only the way you use your body, but your mentality on the drop of a dime. R-e-s-p-e-c-t for those athletes that train in both.

Whole body.
Legs are your powerhouse.

*Side note: I might have started an addiction because I hit the mountain again on Sunday!

Whole body.
Arms and eyes are your powerhouse.

Well I didn’t shoot any eyes out, so I guess that means I can start training for 2 Olympic sports now, right?

*Side Note 2: This apparent “pro” must’ve let go of his arrow too quick and shattered one of the florescent ceiling lights about 5 feet from the shoot line. So who let the guy who doesn’t know how to hold onto his arrow be in charge of yelling “CLEAR” after everyone shot? 

photo 4-2photo 5
Photo shout outs to V-Dawg and DTMB